25 years of experience with artificial insemination and 17 years as a fertility clinic in Austria / Tyrol

You want to get pregnant and want nothing more than your wish for a baby coming true? We want to answer the first important question, namely: "Why should I decide to contact the fertility clinic Innsbruck".

Many compelling reasons to fulfill your desire to have children in our fertility clinic::

  • Many years of experience - the medical team led by Dr. Josef Zech has extensive experience in reproductive medicine and has successfully helped many women to become pregnant through artificial insemination, IVF, in Austria.
  • Innovation - Zech selector - developed by Dr. Zech and patented process is currently regarded as the world's best method for gentle treatment of human sperm for insemination   (transfer of the male semen in the genital tract of women).
  • High success rates   - more than 50 percent of women get pregnant on the first attempt. No risks - Dr. Zech employs a safe and significantly reduced pain method of egg puncture   for the artificial insemination of his patients.
  • No complications - risk-free to become pregnant. The likelihood of OHSS complication in the Institute of Dr. Zech lies at only 1.5 per thousand.

The personal care of couples wishing to have children and women who want to become pregnant, are important to us. Therefore we offer you:

  • Evaluation and treatment by the medical   Director Dr. Josef Zech
  • Regular information evenings
  • Family atmosphere   (9 languages)
  • Good accessibility
  • Parking area in the house

You benefit in private fertility clinic Dres med Josef and Sonja Zech of:

  • Benchmarking Best Practice and ISO certification
  • High-tech equipment
  • Top-training of staff
  • Double Safety + Miniinkubatoren

Alternative medicine and research in the Tyrolean KinderWunschKlinik:

  • Alternative treatments with homeopathy and acupuncture (TCM)
  • International research projects - carrying out its own studies

Funding of IVF costs - also for private patients

Funding of IVF costs - also for private patients who meet the criteria for our fund contracts, benefited from the IVF-fund of the Austrian Ministry, which infertile couples who want children provides financial assistance in artificial insemination. The private fertility clinic has entered into agreements with the federal government in this regard. Find out now! Our website can offer you a lot more information on the topics of infertility   and become pregnant with IVF (in vitro fertilization). If you encounter any further questions, please send us an email to zechj@kinderwunsch.at or arrange an appointment directly, if you want to become pregnant with our help.